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Date BandsGenresVenue NameTown
23/03/2017Haken Prog/Tech/Djent O2 ABC 2 GlasgowGlasgow
23/03/2017Thrash/Death Metal nightBloodwork Concrete Age Evisarize Black Metal Thrash The UnicornLondon
23/03/2017Crowbar Doom/Drone/Stoner Sub 89Reading
23/03/2017Sonata Arctica Metal CorporationSheffield
23/03/2017Suicide Silence Caliban Modern Metal Motion & Marble FactoryBristol
24/03/2017Thunder Rock Cardiff Motorpoint ArenaCardiff
24/03/2017Russian Circles Cloakroom Post Alternative StereoGlasgow
24/03/2017Musikal Sin PresentsSuffer No Fools Krysthla The Darkhorse Metal Metal Metal Club 85Hitchin
24/03/2017Suicide Silence Modern KokoLondon
24/03/2017The Sound of Alternative MusicTrevor's Head Alternative The Birds NestLondon
24/03/2017Ghost Rock Norwich UEA LCRNorwich
24/03/2017Crowbar Doom/Drone/Stoner Engine RoomsSouthampton
25/03/2017Russian Circles Cloakroom Post Alternative The InstituteBirmingham
25/03/2017Crowbar Doom/Drone/Stoner BierkellerBristol
25/03/2017Asphyx Death UnderworldLondon
25/03/2017Thunder Rock Guildhall SouthamptonSouthampton
25/03/2017Ghost Rock Cardiff University SUCardiff
25/03/2017BATTLE KON 2: The RiffeningKringer and the Battle Katz Raised By Owls Riggots Pulverise Thrash Grind/Noise/Powerviolence Alternative Metal Aatma VenueManchester
25/03/2017Scordatura Necrosis Rats of Reality Civil Punk Death Death Punk Metal Musical VisionAberdeen
26/03/2017Ghost Rock The ForumLondon
26/03/2017Lotus Eater Carbine Storm Of Aura Deadthrone Prog/Tech/Djent Hardcore Metal Metal Satans HollowManchester
26/03/2017Thunder Rock The Regent TheatreIpswich
26/03/2017Russian Circles Cloakroom Post Alternative HeavenLondon
27/03/2017Blackberry Smoke Rock O2 Academy OxfordOxford
28/03/2017Ghost Rock O2 Academy LeedsLeeds
28/03/2017Vimic Metal Electric BallroomLondon
28/03/2017Thunder Rock Hammersmith ApolloLondon
28/03/2017Blackberry Smoke Rock RoundhouseLondon
28/03/2017Sonata Arctica Metal The Slade RoomsWolverhampton
29/03/2017Vimic Metal O2 Academy 2 BirminghamBirmingham
29/03/2017Mayhem Black Electric BallroomLondon
29/03/2017Grand Magus Heavy Sound ControlManchester
29/03/2017Blackberry Smoke Rock Norwich UEA LCRNorwich
30/03/2017Vimic Metal Manchester Academy IIManchester
30/03/2017Mayhem Black Manchester Club AcademyManchester
30/03/2017Grand Magus Heavy The Slade RoomsWolverhampton
31/03/2017Cairo Kyrbgrinder Prog/Tech/Djent Rock Boston Arms Music RoomLondon
31/03/2017Primordial Fen Crom Dubh Black Black Black UnderworldLondon
31/03/2017Blackberry Smoke Rock Manchester AcademyManchester
31/03/2017Ghost Rock O2 Apollo ManchesterManchester
31/03/2017Lagerstein with pirate after-party!A Clockwork Opera Lagerstein Red Rum Sellsword Metal Metal Metal Heavy Satans HollowManchester
31/03/2017Acid Reign Shrapnel Thrash Thrash Sound ControlManchester
31/03/2017Grand Magus Heavy Talking HeadsSouthampton
31/03/2017Big Business Whores Rock Rock The ExchangeBristol
01/04/2017Ghost Rock O2 Academy BirminghamBirmingham
01/04/2017***POSTPONED*** Raging Speedhorn Alternative Doom/Drone/Stoner The ParishHuddersfield
01/04/2017Big Business Whores Rock Rock Brudenell Social ClubLeeds
01/04/2017Grand Magus Heavy The GlobeCardiff
02/04/2017Ghost Rock Brighton DomeBrighton
02/04/2017Grand Magus Heavy UnderworldLondon
02/04/2017Big Business Whores Rock Rock Star and GarterManchester
02/04/2017Acid Reign Shrapnel Thrash Thrash The ClunyNewcastle
03/04/2017Big Business Whores Rock Rock Audio GlasgowGlasgow
04/04/2017Blackberry Smoke Rock O2 Academy NewcastleNewcastle
04/04/2017Big Business Whores Rock Rock Mama Roux\'sBirmingham
05/04/2017Big Business Whores Rock Rock UnderworldLondon
06/04/2017The Neal Morse Band Rock O2 Academy 2 BirminghamBirmingham
06/04/2017Blackberry Smoke Rock O2 Academy BristolBristol
06/04/2017Taake Black TheklaBristol
06/04/2017Pallbearer Doom/Drone/Stoner UnderworldLondon
06/04/2017Telepathy Zaum Wren Doom/Drone/Stoner Doom/Drone/Stoner Post The Black HeartLondon
07/04/2017Blackberry Smoke Rock O2 Academy BirminghamBirmingham
07/04/2017The Neal Morse Band Rock O2 ABC GlasgowGlasgow
07/04/2017Hellyeah Rock Manchester Club AcademyManchester
07/04/2017Acid Reign Shrapnel Thrash Thrash Talking HeadsSouthampton
07/04/2017Taake Black The DomeLondon
07/04/2017The Cav PresentsSuffer No Fools Limb to Limb Gravel Rash Cotnum Tort Metal Rock Metal Rock The Cavendish ArmsLondon
08/04/2017Pallbearer Doom/Drone/Stoner TheklaBristol
08/04/2017Parkway Drive Asking Alexandria Modern Modern O2 Academy BrixtonLondon
08/04/2017Acid Reign Shrapnel Thrash Thrash UnderworldLondon
08/04/2017Blackberry Smoke Rock PyramidsPortsmouth
08/04/2017The Neal Morse Band Rock The RitzManchester
08/04/2017Craven Idol/Necro Ritual double album release showCraven Idol Necro Ritual Terra Black Black Black The Black HeartLondon
09/04/2017The Neal Morse Band Rock O2 Academy IslingtonLondon
09/04/2017Parkway Drive Asking Alexandria Modern Modern Rock CityNottingham
09/04/2017Pallbearer Doom/Drone/Stoner The Ruby LoungeManchester
09/04/2017Acid Reign Shrapnel Thrash Thrash The ExchangeBristol
10/04/2017Parkway Drive Asking Alexandria Modern Modern O2 Academy LeedsLeeds
10/04/2017Hellyeah Rock Leeds Met SULeeds
11/04/2017King Dude Sol Invictus Of The Wand And The Moon Alternative Alternative Alternative UnderworldLondon
11/04/2017Hellyeah Rock WaterfrontNorwich
11/04/2017(Hed)p.e. Unclassified O2 Academy OxfordOxford
11/04/2017Parkway Drive Asking Alexandria Modern Modern Great HallCardiff
12/04/2017(Hed)p.e. Unclassified O2 Academy 2 NewcastleNewcastle
13/04/2017(Hed)p.e. Unclassified O2 ABC 2 GlasgowGlasgow
13/04/2017Hellyeah Rock O2 Academy IslingtonLondon
14/04/2017Bury Tomorrow Crossfaith Modern Modern The InstituteBirmingham
14/04/2017Hellyeah Rock TheklaBristol
14/04/2017Revenge Necromaniac Spearhead Black Death Death UnderworldLondon
14/04/2017(Hed)p.e. Unclassified O2 Academy 2 SheffieldSheffield
15/04/2017BRISTOL DEATHFEST Day 1Vader Immolation Nader Sadek Kraanium Man Must Die Necrosis Scordatura Body Harvest Death Death Death Death Death Death Death Death BierkellerBristol
15/04/2017Hellyeah (Hed)p.e. Rock Unclassified Rock CityNottingham
15/04/2017Bury Tomorrow Crossfaith Modern Modern The RitzManchester
16/04/2017BRISTOL DEATHFEST Day 2Hour of Penance Defeated Sanity Dyscarnate Cytotoxin Epicardiectomy Ancient Ascendant Abrupt Demise Ascaris Death Death Death Death Death Death Death Death BierkellerBristol
16/04/2017Easter Rocks at the StarWho Killed Nancy Johnson? Punk The Star InnGuildford
16/04/2017(Hed)p.e. Unclassified The Live RoomsChester
16/04/2017Chelsea Wolfe True Widow Alternative Alternative Saint LukesGlasgow
17/04/2017Bury Tomorrow Crossfaith Modern Modern Riverside NewcastleNewcastle
17/04/2017Chelsea Wolfe True Widow Alternative Alternative GorillaManchester
18/04/2017Dream Theater Metal Symphony HallBirmingham
Displaying 1-100 of 225 results.