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Merciless Precision

Genre Grind/Noise/Powerviolence
Year formed 2010
Home Town Bristol
Country UK

Merciless Precision play a mixture of frantic and d-beat grind and have gigged relentlessly since March 2010; they are the band that never stop playing.

Having gigged with the likes of Napalm Death, Exhumed, Wormrot, Anaal Nathrakh, Cannabis Corpse, Severe Torture, Unsane and Witchsorrow, Merciless Precision are well acquainted with slaughtering people in frantic pits and flooring twats with gut-rupturing grooves. 

Injuries have occured; bones have been dislocated, teeth broken, promoters knocked out, girls have been kicked in the head and pig farmers have been lacerated with glass. They have blast beaten, shred picked and groove slugged and their way across the UK since bursting out of Bristol and the South West. The music is disgusting and mostly so are their fans; the lyrical content features aliens, celebrities and acts of extreme violence. Their performances are as devastating as a herd of stampeding bovine trampling over Heath Ledger's cowboy-clown corpse. Enjoy.

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