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Genre Metal
Home Town Dudley
Country UK

Bridging the gap between straight-up metal and death-metal, Necrotize are continuing the legacy of bands from Birmingham and the Black Country before them.

Their latest release entitled ‘Grievance’ (Dissected Records) unfurls a savage beast of chugs, grooves, blasts and meaty-thrash elements. The aural brutality was captured, recorded and mixed by former SiKth members Dan Weller and Justin Hill who’s production credits include Malefice, Rise To Remain & Viatrophy.

The music video for the song 'Hordes Of God' was released on April 11th which followed a massive internet response prompting thousands of views in less than a month. Following this the band have completed tours of England, Ireland, Scotland and are showing no sign of letting up in the future !

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