Band Details


Genre Black
Year formed 2011
Home Town Liverpool
Country UK

Ninkharsag were formed in early 2011 to create crushing and grim music in the vein of the early Black Metal masters. One demo cd has been released with an EP due to be recorded in the summer.

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Previous Gigs (last 20)

04/11/2016 Leeds Abhorrent Decimation
16/07/2016 Liverpool Hecate Enthroned
24/05/2016 London Deitus
16/04/2016 Manchester Ninkharsag
05/12/2015 London ***CANCELLED***
20/09/2015 Manchester Winterfylleth
19/09/2015 Leeds Winterfylleth
18/09/2015 Glasgow Winterfylleth
17/09/2015 Sheffield Winterfylleth
13/05/2015 Liverpool Negura Bunget
29/03/2015 Belfast Coltsblood
28/03/2015 Limerick Coltsblood
27/03/2015 Dublin Coltsblood
26/03/2015 Liverpool Ninkharsag
25/03/2015 London Ninkharsag
24/03/2015 Newcastle upon Tyne Coltsblood
23/03/2015 Glasgow Coltsblood
22/03/2015 Aberdeen Coltsblood
21/03/2015 Edinburgh Coltsblood
20/03/2015 Manchester Coltsblood