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Genre Metal
Year formed 2010
Home Town Brighton
Country UK

Taking their cues from bands such as Gojira, Entombed, Strapping Young Lad and Carcass, Subservience spit forth a corrosive blend of unrelenting extremity.

2011 saw the release of a split EP with Sa-Da-Ko, their northern brothers-in-arms. Contributing three merciless tracks each to the aural behemoth, Sa-Da-Ko vs. Subservience is a bare knuckle bloody fist fight between the two entities, with the listener caught in the crossfire.

Subservience are accomplished on the UK live circuit, having so far managed to land a slot at Hammerfest III, come an impressive third place in their regional finals for the Metal 2 The Masses, as well as touring with Sa-Da-Ko and countless shows across the country.

Following the recruitment of a new drummer and vocalist Jay’s recovery from throat surgery, Subservience are ready to bring the chaos to the circuit once again. With brand new EP “Dystopia” in the works, Subservience will be destroying eardrums and breaking bones in 2012.

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