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The Rotted

Genre Death

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20/09/2014 London WRONGSTOCKLeng Tch'e
09/11/2013 Corby Extreme Noise Terror
23/09/2012 Glasgow The Rotted
22/09/2012 Dundee Hordes Of Belial IIIThe Rotted
20/09/2012 Liverpool The Rotted
07/09/2012 Belfast The Rotted
01/06/2012 London The Rotted
23/12/2011 Colchester Lock Up
22/12/2011 London Lock Up
21/12/2011 Nottingham Lock Up
20/11/2011 Glasgow Candlefest 2011Anaal Nathrakh
13/11/2011 Manchester Candlefest 2011Orange Goblin
12/11/2011 London Candlefest 2011Anaal Nathrakh
26/03/2011 London Hail of Bullets