Band Details


Genre Death
Year formed 2009
Home Town London
Country UK

Formed in September 2009 Trifixion came together and started blasting out crushing riffs and brutal noise with a technical edge and thus it begun.The band travelled to Rome to record at 16th Cellar Studio with Stefano Morabito (Producer of Fleshgod Apolcaypse, Hour of Penance and more). The Album 'A Utopia for the Damned' is a concept of the awareness of the planet as a whole and what we have done to ourselves in the name of Religion, Profit, Politics and Control. TRIFIXION have toured and shared the stage with bands such as Malevolent Creation, Vomitory and Cerebral Bore.

Upcoming Gigs

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Previous Gigs (last 20)

01/05/2014 London Hour of Penance
27/07/2013 Bristol Natrium
26/07/2013 London Natrium
17/11/2012 London Dark Fortress
22/04/2012 Leeds Dyscarnate
10/03/2012 Huddersfield Fleshgod Apocalypse
01/03/2012 Nottingham Decapitated
05/02/2012 London Ulcerate
28/01/2012 London Bloodshot Dawn
29/05/2011 London General Surgery