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We Are The Ocean

Genre Rock

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06/11/2011 London The Blackout
05/11/2011 Manchester The Blackout
04/11/2011 Birmingham The Blackout
01/11/2011 Lincoln The Blackout
30/10/2011 Hull The Blackout
29/10/2011 Edinburgh The Blackout
27/10/2011 Bristol The Blackout
30/05/2011 Birmingham Slam Dunk FestivalLess Than Jake
21/05/2011 Liverpool HUB FestivalThe Blackout
01/05/2011 Newcastle We Are The Ocean
30/04/2011 Glasgow We Are The Ocean
29/04/2011 Manchester We Are The Ocean
28/04/2011 London We Are The Ocean
27/04/2011 Cardiff We Are The Ocean