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Genre Metal
Year formed 2010
Country UK

From the ashes of 2010 rises Saturnian, a new breed of Extreme Symphonic Metal. Saturnian are a 6 piece from the United Kingdom, proud of a country rich in metal history, and ready to usher in a new age charged with its pedigree. Saturnian was formed around one main principle – to create epic and majestic metal songs to enchant fans of all metal genres; delivered in a grand and dramatic style that could soundtrack a blockbuster movie or theatrical performance. Expect razor sharp riffing, fist pounding rhythms, and a symphonic backbone worthy of the armies of Hell, or the far reaches of the universe. In true portentous British style, this is rounded out by a massive choral explosion, soaring sopranos, and ritualistic Gregorian chant. This ethos comes to life in the Saturnian live experience, which in itself is a theatrical spectacle as opposed to a generic recital of metal songs. Saturnian breeds an eclectic blend of voices, stunning instrumental performances, and a visual experience that will amaze, mystify and inspire!

This is just the beginning...

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