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Genre Rock
Year formed 2007
Home Town Greenock
Country UK

There’s nothing new about Metal. It’s been about for a long time, and there is a simple reason for that Metal is awesome! If ever there was a band that lived by that philosophy then that band is KOMATOZE

Komatoze was formed in 2007 by guitar players Connor Williamson and Paul Harrison after the break-ups of their previous bands. The only goal behind the original Komatoze incarnation was to write and play the music they loved themselves for themselves. Once a line-up was solidified, the band began to write in earnest in preparation for hitting the UK live scene.

The sound that band forged was undeniably metal but there was a certain spark within the material that made it stand out from the other bands on the same bill. The combination of accessible grooves, massive hooks and near unrivalled technical prowess set the band apart from their peers. It wasn’t long before the band also developed an incendiary and show man ship fuelled live show to complement their compositions.

The bands live success has seen them break free of their boundaries and take their show beyond their local scene, gathering fan and critical acclaim in their wake. As well as traveling far afield, the band solidified their presence of the home scene sharing stages with the likes of rock giants Y&T, up and comers Bleed From Within, long established Jorn Lande, Crashdiet, Houston, Power Quest and other signed acts such as Attica Rage, Voodoo Johnson and Cerebral Bore to name a few.

With the help of PSYGNOTE RECORDS, the band released their first record.. 'Time Flies' in 2010 which is available to purchase on-line and at all future events.

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Previous Gigs (last 20)

22/11/2011 London Gaia Epicus
21/11/2011 Nottingham Gaia Epicus
20/11/2011 Selby Gaia Epicus
19/11/2011 Bradford Gaia Epicus
18/11/2011 Birkenhead Gaia Epicus
17/11/2011 Manchester Gaia Epicus
16/11/2011 Wakefield Gaia Epicus
15/11/2011 Glasgow Gaia Epicus
14/11/2011 Edinburgh Gaia Epicus
22/04/2011 Glasgow Voodoo Johnson