Band Details

Necro Deathmort

Genre Doom/Drone/Stoner
Home Town London
Country UK

Trying to describe the horror that is Necro Deathmort is nigh on impossible.  This London two piece transcend genre classification.


Taking elements from doom, drone, industrial and even dub, the hybrid beats ends up like the soundtrack from the scariest horror film you'll ever see.


Imagine walking down a fog filled backalley gone midnight, in the sketchiest town you've ever been to, and you'll be getting close.

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Previous Gigs (last 20)

23/09/2017 London The Nightmare Continues IVBong
02/04/2016 London Cosmic CarnageNecro Deathmort
09/11/2014 Bristol Dragged Into Sunlight
25/04/2014 London Desertfest 2014Horisont
10/03/2014 London Oranssi Pazuzu
24/04/2012 Manchester Necro Deathmort
23/04/2012 Preston Necro DeathmortNecro Deathmort
22/04/2012 Glasgow Necro Deathmort
19/04/2012 London Inverloch
18/12/2011 London Heavy FilthmasNecro Deathmort
04/12/2011 London Altar Of Plagues
12/11/2011 Oxford Audioscope 11Karma To Burn
11/09/2011 London Pombagira
13/05/2011 Bristol Atari Teenage Riot