Band Details

Skull Branded Pirates

Genre Metal
Year formed 2007
Home Town Leeds
Country UK

Avast Meharties!

Welcome to the crew of the mightiest Piratical Metal blagards to sail the seven seas!
SKULL BRANDED PIRATES are the legendary marauders of 'evy Metal, hailing for the quaint seaside town ship of Leeds UK.

Playing a unique blend of true British Metal with a smidgen of modern powery/thrashy blasts, all mixed together with a twist of lime, so as to avoid scurvy.

When ye listen to legends of Skull Branded Pirates, expect to be wowed with tails of adventure, of epic battles, marauding monsters, sultry women and the longest drunken night had by any man still standing!

So come join us, with our second album, AN OATH SWORN ON BROKEN BONES, and share in the adventures, AND DRINK UNTIL DAWN

Check out a sample of the new album, and our first released track FREE THE SLAVES over at our Reverbnation page.


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