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Genre Thrash/Speed
Terroriser review 9/10 Lifeless are the most exciting new UK Thrash band of 2009, now how’s that for a quote? Seriously, they play crossover with a heavy leaning towards metal, and possess a significant Slayer edge both in riffs as well as solos: imagine SSS, only better! Their debut “Full Chill” EP (Pay For The Piano) [9] powers along with each of the seven tracks a winner, the delivery is frantic but laden with hooks and they get extra kudos for including an obvious nod to Sabbat

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18/07/2015 London Metalbrew Music FestivalSatan
17/12/2011 Leeds Beefstock IVHumanfly
26/10/2011 Selby Lifeless
20/08/2011 Edinburgh Diascorium