Band Details

Wounded Kings

Genre Doom/Drone/Stoner
Year formed 2005
Home Town Dartmoor
Country UK

The Wounded Kings of England (Dartmoor) is a doom metal band formed in 2005. They uphold Britain’s occult heritage and aim to produce a unique blend of spectral doom and psychedelic horror with a desolate end of the world vibe filled with suffocating heaviness. Hallmarks are eerie choirs, pianos and the use of space within the slow and mind-bending riffs.

Band Members:
~ Steve Mills (Guitars, Piano & Organ)
~ Sharie Neyland (Vocals)
~ Alex Kearney (Guitars)
~ Jim Willumsen (Bass)
~ Mike Heath (Drums)



Embrace Of The Narrow House - Full Length CD (2008) Eichenwald Industries

The Shadow Over Atlantis - Full Length CD & Vinyl LP (2010) I Hate Records

An Introduction To The Black Arts with Cough & The Wounded Kings - Split Vinyl LP (2010) Forcefield Records

Embrace Of The Narrow House - Full Length Vinyl LP ( Sept 2011) High Roller Records

In The Chapel Of The Black Hand Full length CD (Sept 2011) I Hate Records

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