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Hellbent & Hammered

Genre Metal
Year formed 2004

Established in London in 2004, H&H built a solid following on the underground circuit, playing with the likes of Head-On, Godsized, Sons of Merrick, and even Anville on their return to London. (Underworld 2006)
2007 saw the departures of 2 members, who sought warmer climates in South Africa, and ultimately spurned the birth of the awesome Juggernaught. Walkouts and disappointments plagued the band after that, but Julio and Ryan remained, determined to relaunch Hellbent & Hammered as the dominating force in UK groove metal, that they believed it could be.
In 2008, bassist Gill was recruited to the band, and despite having no full-time drummer, the band steamrolled ahead with plans to record something, which bore fruit in a 2 track EP recorded by James Dunkley at Parlour Studios in Kettering. However, things were not to last and in 2009, Gill left the band, paving the way for beer-swilling bass magician JC to take over on the big strings.
Newly energised with the confidence things were moving in the right direction, Burns became the latest addition to the H&H crew, and the recruitment of this groovy, hard-hitting motherfucker closed the circle of girth. H&H are now in the writing process, working on an entirely new setlist and things have truly never sounded better.

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05/12/2014 London Friday Rock ShowGun Metal Gray
26/08/2011 London Snakebite