Band Details


Genre Death
Year formed 2006
Home Town Atvidaberg
Country Sweden

Maim was formed in the small town of Åtvidaberg, sweden early 2006. Maim are Krille (guitar) Scott (guitar) Rikard (bass, vocals) and Otto (drums). Maim started of with a more trashy death ‘n’ roll kind of sound, heavily influenced by bands such as Entombed (Wolverine blues, To ride shoot straight) and Defleshed. But it eventually grew into a more pure old school deah metal sound with influences from mainly the american scene: Autopsy, Repulsion, early Cannibal corpse and Death to name a few. We have always played for ourselves beacuse we simply enjoy it as hell, and we will continue so. But it wasnt until the first gig in August 2007 that the band realised that they really had something going on and it was time to take the band to a bit more serious level but to keep the relaxed easygoing approach to it.

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