Band Details


Genre Death
Year formed 1999
Home Town Tasmania
Country Austrailia

Hailing from the remote island of Tasmania, Psycroptic have progressively carved a niche of their own within today's overcrowded metal scene. Staying clear of trends, Psycroptic incorporate many elements of music – extreme and otherwise - to capture a sound that is uniquely their own: a precise blend of brutality, intensity and groove. Not to be pigeonholed, Psycroptic stands apart from the horde and adds a fresh element in the extreme metal realm.

Upcoming Gigs

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Previous Gigs (last 20)

06/11/2017 London Dying Fetus
05/11/2017 Glasgow Dying Fetus
03/11/2017 Bristol Dying Fetus
30/03/2016 London Gorguts
29/03/2016 Glasgow Gorguts
28/03/2016 Manchester Gorguts
06/10/2015 Liverpool PilgriffPsycroptic
30/09/2015 London Psycroptic
30/08/2015 Glasgow Cryptopsy
14/08/2015 London Brujeria
11/08/2015 Bristol Cryptopsy
26/09/2013 Margate Psycroptic
25/09/2013 Cardiff Psycroptic
24/09/2013 Glasgow Psycroptic
23/09/2013 Dublin Psycroptic
22/09/2013 London Brutal Truth
22/09/2013 London Psycroptic