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Dukes of Nothing

Genre Doom/Drone/Stoner
Country UK

Formed from the ashes of sludgecore outfit Iron Monkey, and featuring other veterans of England's underground stoner rock and doom scenes, the Dukes of Nothing feature vocalist Tony Sylvester, guitarists Dean Berry and Stuart O'Hara (ex-Acrimony), bassist Doug Dalziel, and Orange Goblin drummer Chris Turner.    Motörhead and Speedealer are some of the most obvious touchstone for this speed-loving quintet, whose Tortuga Recordings debut album, 2003's War & Wine, clocked in at a mere 21 minutes -- and that was after two tracks from their earlier Saxon Action single were added to the original Eccentric Man Records release. Although brief, the album was quite an opening statement, but due to the bandmembers' various side projects, the Dukes' split.

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13/05/2012 Nottingham MorrowFestOrange Goblin