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Genre Black
Year formed 1990
Home Town Texas
Country USA

ABSU originally formed as Dolmen in 1989, eventually becoming ABSU in 1991. The original members were Equitant Ifernain (Guitars, Bass, Lyrics) and Shaftiel (Guitars, Vocals). After recording two demos and releasing an EP they were joined by Proscriptor McGovern (Drums, Vocals, Lyrics), David Athron Mystica (Guitars), and Black Massith (Keyboards, Synth, Sequencing). After releasing their first album “Barathrum: V.I.T.R.I.O.L.” in 1993, Absu narrowed their line-up to a three piece when David Athron Mystica and Black Massith left the band. For live performances, they recruited the help of Mezzadurus (Bass, Vocals) and recorded as a three piece with Shaftiel and Proscriptor sharing vocal duties. This line-up remained together until 2002 when Proscriptor suffered a severe hand injury and Equitant and Shaftiel parted ways with the band. After a 5 year hiatus, Proscriptor reorganized the band with the help of Aethyris MacKay (now in Pantheon I), Zawicizuz (Formerly of Infernal Oak, Rape Pillage and Burn, and Bleed the Son) and Vastator Terrarum and released the self-titled album in 2009. Now with Vis Crom (Guitars) and Ezezu (Bass, Vocals), ABSU continue to forge ahead with a new album, "Abzu"

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01/06/2017 London Nargaroth
31/05/2017 Glasgow Nargaroth
13/12/2016 London Possessed
12/12/2016 Glasgow Possessed
01/03/2013 London Absu
12/04/2012 London Absu
11/04/2012 Dublin Absu
10/04/2012 Manchester Absu