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Genre Metal
Year formed 1999
Country Germany/Netherlands/USA

Trillium is the metal solo project from Amanda Somerville.

Considered a Metal Diva in the European symphonic metal scene, Amanda Somerville is a singer-songwriter originally of the pop / rock vein who's been roughed up at the edges with a razor blade, painted over the scars with makeup and is now sweetly taking her revenge on the microphone.

Since 2000, the Michigan-born songstress has divided her time between the US and Europe, primarily Germany and the Netherlands. Her catalogue of projects, studio work, guest appearances and live shows garnered to date with bands like EPICA, KAMELOT and AVANTASIA is an impressive body of work that gives her more credibility in metal circles than she ever bargained for. Her most recent endeavors include touring with renowned artist Ian Gillan (DEEP PURPLE), a duet album entitled Kiske-Somerville with metal legend Michael Kiske (HELLOWEEN)

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16/05/2012 London Delain
15/05/2012 Manchester Delain
13/05/2012 Sheffield Delain
12/05/2012 Birmingham Delain