Band Details

God Damn

Genre Alternative
Year formed 2010
Home Town The Black Country
Country UK

GOD DAMN - Back in the summer of 2010 two like-minded guitarists and one power house of a drummer met in a lock-up situated in an old canal side factory at the heart of the recently crowned home of metal, the Black Country. In a competition to see who could create the fattest sounding axe, the two frontmen quickly realised that with the sounds they were creating there was no point to having a bassist.

Drawing from their mother land heritage, God Damn flirt with elements of early heavy metal whilst incorperating other key influences from hardcore through to blues, grunge and elements of prog.

Citing artists such as The Jesus Lizard, Black Keys, 80's Matchbox, Martin Tomlinson, Pixies and Mars Volta whilst remaining true to their bible, comprising of Seven J's - Hendrix, Homme, Cash, White, Page, Bonham and The Devil-Hughes, the band create a polyphonic, octave fuzz beating that rips your face off and staples it back onto your skull, pop hooks with barbs that just wont come out and percussion that gets through wood like bushfire.

Since formation the band have shared the stage with underground legends such as The James Cleaver Quintet, Kong, The Chapman Family, Fever Fever, Blacklisters, Talons and Gay For Johnny Depp. Recently finishing the recording of their first batch of ten songs, the band are looking to spread their unique sound and win over the devil in all of us.

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28/09/2016 Bristol Red Fang
27/09/2016 London Red Fang
26/09/2016 Brighton Red Fang
23/09/2016 London God Damn
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