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Cause Of Denial

Genre Modern/Metalcore
Year formed 2007
Home Town Sheffield
Country UK

Cause of Denial was formed in late 2007, by Steve Church and Dan Denial.
After auditioning a couple of drummers, Chris Hardwick was quickly recruited.
Despite being very young at the time, his skill spoke volumes.
The bands initial aim was to create a melodic, catchy and heavy sound.
A two lead vocalist vibe quickly became apparent, and opened up more variety and diversity than a single lead vocalist would.
Over time, a more aggressive and heavier sound has developed, whilst still keeping alot of the melody.
With well over 100 shows played, and with new bassist Conor Houston in hand. C.o.D. is looking to take the sound as far and to as many people as possible!

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24/02/2012 Selby RSJ