Band Details

Lazarus Syndrome

Genre Metal
Year formed 2011
Home Town Liverpool
Country United Kingdom
Although only formed in March 2011, Lazarus Syndrome have already achieved great recognition and acclaim. The idea of the band came about in January 2011 when guitarists Mike & Jamie, both drawn to Liverpool by it’s musical heritage, sought to form a band that played something different from the host of local metal bands. Rather than trying to be ‘brutal’ and heavy for the sake of it, the duo wanted to write more melodic tunes in the vein of the Swedish death metal scene. They immediately hired drummer Dave to work on the songs, followed a couple of months later by bass player Tom and singer Pete. This was the point that Lazarus Syndrome became a reality. The band had a number of songs finished in a matter of weeks and not ones to rest on their laurels decided it was time to enter the studio to record their first E.P. In mid-April the band began work on the recording for what was to become ‘Flatline’ featuring the band’s first 4 tracks. The recording was an experience which not only cemented them as one of the hardest and quickest working bands around, but also drove them to achieve much more. The band then concentrated on playing gigs and writing more songs while the recordings were being mixed and mastered. Lazarus Syndrome have had great reviews and already have been asked to play headline sets in places such as Bradford Rio’s. One review stating Pete’s voice as “one of the most amazing voices I have heard in years… not only can this guy growl with the best of the death metallers but he can also actually sing!”. In early October the band’s debut E.P. ‘Flatline’ (containing the songs ‘Forsaken‘, ‘Devoured by Conflict‘ ‘A Path Less Traveled‘ and ‘Blameless Creator‘ was finally mastered and the finishing touches are being put to the artwork so that the recording can be released to the public. The early mixes and demos from the EP have already gained Lazarus Syndrome some increasing interest. The band are due to sign a press deal with Skratch the Surface and have already agreed an Endorsement with Mayones guitars.

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