Band Details

Filial Cannibalism

Genre Death
Year formed 2009
Home Town Wigan
Country England
Filial Cannibalism is a 5-piece death metal band from the north-west of England, UK. Starting in 2009 their aim was to create gore influenced death metal with both comical and horrific themes. After many takeaways, gigs, practises, takeaways and takeaways the band had a full setlist and had a few gigs in Wigan and Manchester. After the sloppy release of their EP in 2010 the band were adamant to stick to their formula of writing. In 2011 their full length album"Guttural Congregation" was realeased, pleasing a few people here and there and their fans in the UK, Indonesia, Europe and the rest of the world grew greatly. The band continues to spread its fleshy, vomit-soaked roots all over the globe, at a slow but inevitable pace. Get ready for the future years, the future is slamming and full of gore.

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