Band Details


Genre Modern/Metalcore
Year formed 2006
Home Town Osaka
Country Japan

CROSSFAITH is a band that evolutes Metalcore/Hardcore based aggressive songs with introducing strings and electronica sound effects to add catchy melody and unique structures of the songs. With this originality and the great live performance, it didn't take time for them be well known by kids as they played with many big bands from oversea such as Machine Head, Hatebreed, Bleeding Though, August Burns Red, Asking Alexandria, Bless The Fall, Alesana, Greeley Estates, Pierce The Veil, Confide, to name a few.

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Previous Gigs (last 20)

22/04/2017 London Bury Tomorrow
21/04/2017 Cardiff Bury Tomorrow
20/04/2017 Nottingham Bury Tomorrow
19/04/2017 Leeds Bury Tomorrow
17/04/2017 Newcastle Bury Tomorrow
15/04/2017 Manchester Bury Tomorrow
14/04/2017 Birmingham Bury Tomorrow
31/03/2016 London Crossfaith
30/03/2016 Norwich Crossfaith
29/03/2016 Sheffield Crossfaith
28/03/2016 Glasgow Crossfaith
26/03/2016 Manchester Crossfaith
25/03/2016 Liverpool Crossfaith
24/03/2016 Wolverhampton Crossfaith
23/03/2016 Reading Crossfaith
22/03/2016 Leeds Crossfaith
20/03/2016 Plymouth Crossfaith
19/03/2016 Cardiff Crossfaith
18/03/2016 Brighton Crossfaith
17/03/2016 Portsmouth Crossfaith