Band Details


Genre Death
Home Town Delft
Country Netherlands

Carceri from Delft - the Netherlands, combines extremely intense death metal with cathartic lyrics that reveal a deeply disturbed personality.

Not giving in to the lighted path of triggerhappy drumkits or an overflamboyant copying of black metal theatrics, they try to bring metal back to it’s essence. Adrenaline, musicianship of the highest level and a liveset that feels like a kick in the face.

After the release of their 5-song demo, the band set their minds to creating a brutal metal classic inspired by recordings like Divine Intervention by Slayer, Breeding The Spawn by Suffocation or Individual Thought Patterns by Death.

In 2010, Carceri finished its first full length album; The Good Must Suffer The Wicked. The production and recording was done by Jochem Jacobs and Bouke Visser at Split Second Sound.

Carceri wants to share their vile creation with as many people as possible and is searching for a label that could help them fulfill this goal.

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17/03/2012 Plymouth Suffocation
16/03/2012 Dublin Suffocation
15/03/2012 Liverpool Suffocation
14/03/2012 Derby Suffocation
13/03/2012 London Suffocation