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Genre Thrash/Speed
Home Town Brighton
Country UK

Headface are a thrash band from Brighton, UK, but not your average thrash band! Combining the members' various tastes in music, from thrash to doom to progressive death, Headface's sound is fast and heavy but still laced with stoner groove. Headface started off as a theoretical project featuring Ricoh Gill and Ian Montgomery, both former (though not concurrent) members of local death metal outift Cast The Bones and born from a shared love of thrash metal. After several years of very little happening and a few false starts, a lineup was eventually finalised with the addition of Sam Chase (Hole In The Sky) on drums and Aidan Heather on vocals. Now you get to hear the results.

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Previous Gigs (last 20)

04/12/2015 Brighton Reign Of Fury
15/02/2013 Falmer Metalslope IIHeadface
30/09/2012 Brighton Impaled Existence
05/04/2012 Brighton Terrathorn