Band Details

Burden Of The Noose

Genre Doom/Drone/Stoner
Year formed 2012
Home Town Birmingham
Country England

Burden of the noose formed in feb 2012 from the ashes of local bands, godsize, mistress, I am collossus and out for blood.

With the mindset of making pure darkened filth, we set out to make the most horrendous of noises, ever! 

Mixing a heavy slab of sludge, mixed with influeneces of hardcore, the beast we created, was an evil duel vocaled assault on the ears.
Having gone through a few early line up changes, we've finally found our feet and sit nicely in between riff driven sludge and dark as fuck hardcore, added venom come from the nasty vocals of poon and andy.
2013 has been a busy year on the gig front having completed a mini tour in april with sludge heavy weights iron witch and diesel king, and lots of gigs spanning pretty much every weekend.

Currently having one EP 'the forgotten plague' already self released and a cd due for release winter 2013, we look forward to getting out there to promote them and have a shit load of beers along the way.

Upcoming Gigs

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Previous Gigs (last 20)

16/10/2016 Birmingham Weedeater
26/09/2015 Liverpool FASTIVALCorrupt Moral Altar
02/10/2014 Birmingham Burden Of The Noose
13/12/2013 London Slabdragger
12/10/2013 London WPC 3rd AnniversaryTombstones
03/10/2013 Liverpool Conan
05/07/2013 Birmingham Parole
20/04/2013 Manchester Submerge PromotionsIron Witch
18/04/2013 London Iron Witch
25/01/2013 Birmingham Slab
13/10/2012 Birmingham Dopefight
13/10/2012 Birmingham Undersmile
11/05/2012 Birmingham Grimpen Mire