Band Details

Dead Harts

Genre Hardcore
Year formed 2009
Home Town Mansfield/Sheffield
Country UK

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Previous Gigs (last 20)

02/12/2015 Southampton Stray From the Path
01/12/2015 Nottingham Stray From the Path
30/11/2015 Manchester Stray From the Path
28/11/2015 Newcastle Stray From the Path
11/12/2014 London Hacktivist
09/12/2014 Southend on Sea Hacktivist
08/12/2014 Guildford Hacktivist
07/12/2014 Southampton Hacktivist
05/12/2014 Leeds Hacktivist
04/12/2014 Manchester Hacktivist
03/12/2014 Birmingham Hacktivist
02/12/2014 Bristol Hacktivist
29/11/2014 Brighton Hacktivist
04/05/2013 Preston While She Sleeps
03/05/2013 Carlisle While She Sleeps
02/05/2013 York While She Sleeps
01/05/2013 Crewe While She Sleeps
30/04/2013 Leicester While She Sleeps
24/04/2013 Kingston upon Thames While She Sleeps
23/04/2013 Brighton While She Sleeps