Band Details


Genre Death
Year formed 2011
Home Town Malmö
Country Sweden

In the hippie burrow of Möllevången, Malmö three Death Lovin' freaks grew up: Gabriel, Noel and Kristoffer. Gabriel and Noel had known each other since the dawn of time but it wasn't until they both had reached te respectable age of 9 they started talking and dreaming about a band (thanks to "School of Rock"). 
Many years of dreaming and talking passed, about 5 years, until they met Kristoffer who also liked the same music and was completely mad. It was great! But since teenagers tends to be lazy, it had to take another year, a lot of music and hours behind the drums before Gabriel got his thumbs out of his ass and booked the first rehearsal at Studiefrämjandet, Malmö. 
On the first rehearsal we started writing on"Dust to Life", on the third "There Will Be Blood" was done. A Band was born....

The Old-school death metal scene was never gone. It was dead, but that has never stoped Metal before, so why would it now?

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