Band Details


Genre Thrash/Speed
Year formed 2010
Home Town Leeds
Country UK

Tyrant are a leeds based metal band. Formed in October 2010, by students and graduates of Leeds university, they started gigging in February 2011 as a four-piece instrumental band, to fantastic receptions and great radio reviews. Now a fully-formed, fully-functional five piece, Tyrant have main supported such bands as XERATH, EXIST IMMORTAL, FURY, VIER and SEVERED HEAVEN, and have played alongside such bands as VIRUS, DETONATION, GORE, GRIEVE, DIASCORIUM, PLAGUE OF ANGELS and DREAMCATCHER. They have exploded across the Leeds rock and metal scene, building up a solid fan base and a sonic onslaught that is a blend of blistering riff-work, soaring harmonies, thunderous beats and intricate melodies, as well as a good solid helping of old-school thrash, and, erm...a singer who is 5ft2. Yeah. Tyrant come ready to tear it up while having some fun, and bring the metal without too much of the cheese (but maybe a little cheese :D ) . 

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Previous Gigs (last 20)

19/10/2013 Leeds SoulscareNeonfly
16/05/2012 Leeds Fallen FateFallen Fate
14/04/2012 Leeds Mortad