Band Details

Secrets Of The Moon

Genre Black
Year formed 1995
Home Town Osnabruck
Country Germany

A snake unwinds, coils rasp, its forked tongue hissing between venomous fangs. SECRETS OF THE MOON deliver their masterpiece with "Seven Bells". 

The initiated, who have followed these Northern Germans since their founding in the year 1995 have witnessed an inexorable rise beginning with "Stronghold Of The Inviolables" (2002). With each following album from "Carved In Stigmata Wounds" (2004), "Antithesis" (2006) to Privilegivm (2009) more critical laurels were heaped upon SECRETS OF THE MOON, who remained firmly rooted in the underground despite performing at prestigious festivals. 

Now "Seven Bells" sees the band taking another huge step by imprinting their characteristic live sound onto this dark tome. Carefully chosen guest appearances by Schwadorf (The Vision Bleak, Empyrium), Kvohst (DHG, Code, Hexvessel) and Morten Gass (Bohren & der Club of Gore) complete this stunning work. 

This is the soundtrack of Lucifer rising...

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01/10/2012 London Bethlehem
31/05/2011 London Vreid
30/05/2011 Nottingham Vreid