Band Details

Engraved In Blood

Genre Thrash/Speed
Year formed 2011
Home Town Nottingham
Country UK

ormed in 2011 by Rhythm guitarist James, Engraved in Blood is a combination of thrash metal, with death metal vocals, drawing up influences from a variety of musical genres, making the band you see before you. 

Ralph Ainsworth was the first to join. A lead guitarist with solos and tone that cut through the crushing riffs like a blade to the flesh. These two axe-men collaborated for some time on their own to form the foundations of the band. 

Next was Jakk, the blood hungry drummer. Jakk’s beats are what hold this band together with a blitzing pace and accuracy, and giving the band a new lease of life. Jakk also provides a majority of the backing vocals with the aid of his Barbie headset mic. 

Providing Engraved In Blood with the deep pounding bass sounds of hell is Tom Blundell. This is a sound which gives more depth to the band. 

This line-up continued through till march 2012, when Jakk left to concentrate souly on Evil Scarecrow. During this time, the band continued to practice and write new material, before finding Danny Phillips to take the seat behind the drum kit.

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Previous Gigs (last 20)

31/05/2014 Mansfield Metal Gods FestivalCambion
13/07/2013 Nottingham Foetal Juice
20/09/2012 Mansfield Engraved In Blood
14/07/2012 Nottingham Warlord UK