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Ethos Theory

Genre Rock
Year formed 2010
Home Town Leeds
Country UK


Ethos Theory are a 5 piece Wakefield based Rock Band risen from their previous title E:D:M. In their previous title they received some great recognition as they had the chance to play Batley Frontier & The Riverside in Selby supporting New Device who had just been supporting Bon Jovi, but due to New Device pulling out they received total recognition with headlining the show! 
There had been a couple of line up changes in E:D:M before the band was renamed as the original bassist left who was replaced shortly after along with the departure of their Rhythm guitarist near the end of 2011.
By the beginning of 2012 the band were now called Ethos Theory, they had still held four of their songs from under their previous name and were on the look out for another guitarist.
In mid February 2012 they found their new rhythm/secondary lead guitarist looking for a new band and are now on the way back up. Writing more material and booking gigs.
Ethos Theory are a 5 piece Rock band from Wakefield incorporating an eclectic mixture of styles, from catchy riffs and vocal melodies to heart melting acoustic ballads with mind blowing solos but always reeling you in with the hooking choruses!
The band are due to be playing around West Yorkshire & beyond by April 2012


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