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Genre Death
Year formed 1996
Home Town Stevenage, Hertfordshire
Country UK

Phlefonyaar *pronounced "flef-on-yar"* is named after the great black river of fire in hell. 
Formed in 1996 and now back after periodically slumbering over the past 15 years and reeking of the grave earth it was buried in. Ready one'ce again to haunt the backwoods with its eerie bellowing and snorting. No village, town or hamlet shall be safe unless an appropriate sacrifice is left on the outskirts every other full moon to slake our depraved hungers.

behold out tomes of rot and depravity!!!

Black river: a mighty river flows deep in hell. 1997

Creature of havoc: sleeping low beneath the blood stained hills. 2000

The Tilean Rat: a list of sins for the agents of blood. 2005

Cockatrice: 6 tail feathers ripped from the rotting bird. 2007

Rook: "The god damned thing". 2011 (coming soon)

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