Band Details

Hymn For The Fallen

Genre Death
Year formed 2011
Home Town Northwich
Country United Kingdom

Hymn for the Fallen are a 5 piece band from Cheshire, primarily Northwich and Winsford. We combine influences from pretty much all metal, mainly Metalcore, Melodeath and straight up Death. Bands we would say we have a similar(ish) sound to would be bands such as Chelsea Grin, Suffokate, etc... but you can decide on that part for yourself after hearing the songs we put out for yourself. So give ourtunes a blast, see what you think, and feedback is always appreciated!

To contact us, drop us an Email on

We have an EP on the way for you guys also! We can't confirm a date as to when it'll be ready yet, as it's currently in production, but we look forward to being able to put it out for everyone to hear, we promise not to disappoint you, both people who've just discovered us and people who've known about us from the start! (Unless of course you don't actually like our style)

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25/06/2013 Manchester Xisforeyes