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Genre Metal
Year formed 2001
Home Town Tamworth
Country UK


Originating from Tamworth in 2001, disbanded five years ago. Koncept has taken many forms in line up and has now been reformed as a 4 piece, Matt (Paz) Parish on drums, Toby (Flobba) Knibb on Bass and Jamie (all that is man) Gibson on Guitars and back due to popular demand, Ben (where the hell ya been?!) Fernyhough on vocals. With an aggressive sound that could be described as metal. With a wealth of experience and a high quality of musicianship Koncept produce a polished performance drawing off influences from 70’s rock to current metal outfits such as Pantera, Damage Plan, Slipknot etc……

In essence Koncept are here to play! To show what live music is all about. Keep the beer cold and the music loud!

Koncept (Three little dudes and an excessively tall one, one mahousive sound!)


So, after a recent interesting experience playing at Steph-fest ’11 where we split our gig into a set of our own material and a set of covers we now have a split personality! We will still be doing our own songs as usual at most gigs but we are now available for covers gigs at events such as pub gigs/bike rallies.

Awesome, yeah?

We will update the site soon with details of a cover set list but just think classic rock from Ozzy to Skid Row, from Extreme to Motorhead, from Free to Jimi Hendrix - just loads of awesome stuff!

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19/10/2012 Birmingham Romeo Must Die