Band Details

Exile The Traitor

Genre Death
Year formed 2011
Home Town Glasgow
Country UK

We are a 5 piece melodic death metal band from Glasgow who formed at the tail end of 2011 and played our very first show in January of 2012.

Mixing up the best parts of the 90s Gothenburg melo-death scene with the brutality of the death metal scene.
We have created something thats as crushing as it is catchy meaning that you will be humming our riffs while picking your teeth up from the floor

"The Black Dahlia Murder getting into a fist fight with At The Gates while Ash from The Evil Dead movies referees"

Our 1st demo was recently put up for free download and we will be entering the studio very soon to record an E.P 

We are currently in the process of booking shows all over the UK & will be appearing on The New Blood Stage at Bloodstock 2012

Upcoming Gigs

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Previous Gigs (last 20)

18/02/2015 Glasgow Omnium Gatherum
18/10/2014 Aberdeen Exile The Traitor
30/05/2014 Glasgow Man Must Die
17/05/2014 Glasgow A Day of DeathScordatura
12/10/2013 Glasgow Ancient Ascendant
01/03/2013 Glasgow Enthroned