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Genre Metal
Home Town Kent
Country UK

Like bands before them, Warhorse have shifted through many different incarnations that never quite felt like the stars had aligned...until now. 
The five-piece from Kent consist of a guitar-driven wall of instantly pleasing riffs and inter-twining harmonies, perfectly executed with orchestral flow provided by Sanger and Turton, supported melodically and sonically by the awesome foundation that is Winder on bass, all of which is contained and powered forward by the dynamic but machine-gun drumming of Still. Capping this off is Burke with his distinctly British flavour of vocals- Warhorse is truly a band for any and every metalhead.
They play the music with the style and grace in which it should be played, sticking true to their classic heavy roots, but progressing that giant sound smack-up-to-date, allowing it to stand tall in todays metal-climes.
With much time in the making, and never a decision made without belief, Warhorse have created original material that is soon to replace everything you thought was your favourite. 
Metal up yer ass!

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