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Genre Death
Year formed 2010
Home Town Maribor
Country Slovenia

Doomed was born after Mraz left MORA in March of 2010 and decided to follow his true passion, Death Metal. After not being able to find any members he decided to work on a new band alone and started writing songs for Doomed.

In early June 2010, Uroš Eršte (Infidia) on guitar and Galena Jordanova on bass joined.
Recording for their first EP: "From The Crypt" started in late June 2010 and was released on the 13th of September 2010. Matej Štefani? joined as a session drummer later on.
Matej left in the beginning of October due to his student duties and Gorazd Ledinek (ex-Burning Legion) joined Doomed as a permanent member. A series of very successful gigs followed. After the Metal Camp 2011 festival gig, Doomed decided to part with their drummer Gorazd due to the differences in interest. And so Žiga Zupanc (Dekadent) stepped into his place. 

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