Band Details

Stealing Axion

Genre Metal
Year formed 2009
Home Town Tacoma, WA
Country USA

Pacific Northwest’s Stealing Axion was formed in the winter of 2009 by guitarists Dan Forbrich, Josh DeShazo, and Phil Willmarth. The three friends would get together to hang out and write riffs. Slowly, actual songs started coming together. By early 2010 they self-recorded and released their EP which rapidly spread across the net and garnered them tons of praise from fans and critics alike. With 

these songs as a solid foundation, the band maintained a steady regiment of writing and developing their sound and soon had enough material to serve as a full length album.

The band was then contacted by Acle Kahney (TesseracT guitarist and producer) about mixing and mastering the songs. Working closely with him on the sounds and textures of the album, Moments (the title of the band’s debut full length) developed into a dynamic and immense listening experience. The album uniquely combines the ferocity and rawness of modern metal with delicate and expansive atmospheres. The result is a sound that is accessible while maintaining a detailed and complex framework.

With the recent signing to InsideOut Music/Century Media Records, 2012 proves to be an exciting year.

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