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Genre Rock
Home Town Hastings
Country UK

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Described as "A great band, with a great vocalist" by Roger Daltrey of The Who, Arivmia continue to shock audiences with their versatile performances and genre defying song writing ability.

"I frequently wondered what it must have been like in 1968, 1969, going into bars and clubs and dives and checking out bands, and to see Led Zeppelin perform for the first time. To watch an outstanding band ta

ke its first steps towards superstardom, cranking out fledgling songs that will one day become classics of the genre. I found out when I caught Arivmia live by accident.

These guys are a briliant, polished and talented hard rock outfit, with an excellent frontman and a bona-fide guitar wizard in their ranks. The drumming is brilliant, the bass is solid and the songwriting is mature and developed.

These guys will be HUGE, and you can tell everyone you were into them before they got famous" - Last FM 

"Polished and talented, Arivmia are a band that bring together everything that once made rock music great with an outstanding frontman and an inhumanely good pack of musicians. 

Fear Of The Book’ makes for astounding listening. Arivmia will, without a doubt, be the next band to put this area on the map but unlike Keane or Toploader, they’ll keep us there. 


- Andrew Nicholls, SQ Magazine (Dec 2011)

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