Band Details


Genre Metal
Year formed 2012
Home Town Manchester
Country UK

Absolva is a classic metal band, based in Manchester, UK, & featuring twin lead guitar in the great British tradition. Formed in May 2012 by Chris Appleton & Martin McNee (both of Fury UK), joined by Tom Atkinson (Vice) & Dan Bate (Point Blank Fury).

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Previous Gigs (last 20)

28/11/2015 Oldham Absolva
27/11/2015 Swindon Absolva
22/11/2015 Wakefield Absolva
21/11/2015 Oxford Absolva
25/10/2015 Kendal Absolva
24/10/2015 Burnley Absolva
23/10/2015 Newcastle Under Lyme Absolva
16/10/2015 Hastings Absolva
18/05/2013 Birmingham Absolva
04/05/2013 Manchester Absolva
18/04/2013 Manchester Queensryche
01/02/2013 Liverpool Absolva
11/11/2012 Southampton Absolva
10/11/2012 Birmingham Absolva
09/11/2012 London Absolva
08/11/2012 Bristol Absolva
07/11/2012 Sheffield Absolva