Band Details


Genre Black
Year formed 2010
Home Town Stavanger
Country Norway

Uburen was formed in 2010 and after a long struggle to find the right line-up and sound they ended up with a mutual ideology of resurfacing the Viking folklore. From there they then started to play their music with the mindsetting of Vikings in the midst of the battlefield.

Fast, hard and mercyless; working as a unit with 4 vocals, brutal guitars, Viking horns and all the elements to capture a true feel for the Norwegian scene. Prepare for the war cry with sword in hand

Uburen started up in March 2010. Uburen is the name of a mountain located almost 1 hours out of Stavanger. It is known for its dark and mythical past. The word Uburen is based on old norse, and can not be directly translated into English, but its meaning would be; «carried out» or «cast out». It is said that desperate mothers who didn't see any other way out for their weak and unwanted babies, would throw them off the edge of the mountain. Archaeologists have found numerous infant bones at the foot of the mountain. Uburen came to be due to a common interest in Norse mythology and the viking era.

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