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Genre Metal
Home Town Limerick
Country Ireland

Shardborne are a 4 piece instrumental progressive metal band from Limerick, Ireland. The band was formed by Ciaran and Eoin Culhane on guitars and Ben Wanders on drums. After several line-up changes they decided to go instrumental and in late 2010 Cormac O'Farrell joined on bass. Their mix of guitar driven melodies and complex music structures leads to an exciting unique sound. The twin guitar players meld lines together with interwoven bass grooves and creative technical drum beats as the band collectively skip from one timing to another and from genre to genre. Shardborne released their debut EP 'Aeonian Sequence' in April 2011.

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27/10/2013 Limerick Siege Of Limerick XGrave Miasma
19/10/2012 Birmingham Slab