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Endings & Origins

Genre Metal
Year formed 2012
Home Town West Midlands
Country United Kingdom

Endings and Origins is a metal style set up of two guitar players, one bass, vocals and a drummer , who formed in early 2012 form different sides of Birmingham England,  

Having produced a demo at Robannas early July , we know seek to branch out into different audience. where we seek to differ from the crowd is to mix together a lot of the sub genres of metal into songs that almost any metal head can get behind, be it a girl at the back at the gig for the  atmosphere or the veteran pitter ready to explode in a second. complex scank  beats supported by harmonized shredding with a flithly drop shortly after, allows use to produce an intense show.

Having got gigs under our belt, we are beginning to develop a following of fans.We have shared the stage with bands such as :Carving a Giant, Rising Struggle Severed Ties, darkness is blinding, and our close friends One life left, Seall and Josef and the Fritzls

What our future offers:we intend to be recording our ep at the beginnig of 2013 titled : anatomy.  For the release we are bring out a music video along with merch that will be on sale at gigs and on the net.


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