Band Details

Toledo Steel

Genre Heavy
Year formed 2011
Home Town Southampton
Country UK

TOLEDO STEEL - Hard hitting classic metal from Southampton, Toledo Steel bring the NWOBHM sound back to the 21st century.

Smelted in the blast furnaces of Southampton in 2011, Toledo Steel are a classic metal band alloying influences such as Judas Priest, Grim Reaper and other New Wave of British Heavy Metal bands.

After a strong demo and a deluge of razor-sharp live shows the band quickly became a local success. Toledo Steel's passion and dedication led their crusade to triumphant victories in cities such as London, Newcastle and Edinburgh.

Toledo Steel continue to conquer audiences across the country with wave after wave of serrated riffs, infectious choruses and relentless energy creating a unifying heavy metal call to arms.

Now armed with a 2nd guitarist, Toledo Steel have charged straight to the studio to release their molten metal and cast their début EP.

Upcoming Gigs

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Previous Gigs (last 20)

28/02/2017 Southampton High Spirits
26/02/2017 Edinburgh High Spirits
25/02/2017 Newcastle upon Tyne High Spirits
23/02/2017 London High Spirits
21/03/2015 Portsmouth Rock Gardens RevisitedTruffle
02/05/2014 Southampton Iron Kingdom
01/05/2014 Kingston Iron Kingdom
03/03/2014 London Cauldron
02/03/2014 Newcastle Bro Fest UK 2 Day 3Sparta
01/03/2014 Newcastle Bro Fest UK 2 Day 2Sparta
28/02/2014 Newcastle Bro Fest UK 2 Day 1Sparta
16/04/2013 Newcastle High Spirits
27/02/2013 Winchester Toledo Steel
30/11/2012 Edinburgh Cauldron