Band Details

Corrupt Moral Altar

Genre Doom/Drone/Stoner
Year formed 2012
Home Town Liverpool
Country UK

“…CMA’s super-sludgy stabs hit like a demented mutation of ENT and Iron Monkey, pitching Glen Benton’s fiendish double-demon amid commodious dog bowls of thickly slavered yap.”

Record Collector August 2013

“Obscenely intense and sludgy grindcore ugliness that hits so hard that, in true Nails fashion, these four songs in ten minutes almost feels like a full album.” 8/10

Terrorizer August 2013

“CMA’s dirty sludge grind pulls no punches and their all-out furious assault leave no space for giving a fuck about anything at all. Whiskey Sierra is terrifying and will leave you breathless and begging for more.” 8/10

Metal Hammer July 2013

Upcoming Gigs

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Previous Gigs (last 20)

03/04/2016 Manchester Magrudergrind
02/04/2016 Glasgow Magrudergrind
01/04/2016 Leeds Magrudergrind
30/03/2016 London Magrudergrind
26/09/2015 Liverpool FASTIVALCorrupt Moral Altar
14/11/2014 London Entombed A.D.
18/09/2014 Plymouth Corrupt Moral Altar
23/07/2014 Liverpool Corrupt Moral Altar
06/12/2013 Stoke Corrupt Moral Altar
05/12/2013 Preston Corrupt Moral Altar
04/12/2013 Bolton Corrupt Moral Altar
17/11/2013 London Corrupt Moral Altar
16/11/2013 Leeds Corrupt Moral Altar
15/11/2013 Glasgow Corrupt Moral Altar
14/11/2013 Gateshead Corrupt Moral Altar
13/11/2013 Northampton Corrupt Moral Altar
22/09/2013 London Brutal Truth