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Genre Death
Year formed 2002
Home Town Cieszyn/London
Country Poland/UK

The group was originally formed in 1996 as a black/death metal band under the name ARS MORIENDI.We were influenced from most genres(death/black/doom/thrash/progressive rock/industrial/jazz-classical/movie soundtracks). In 2002 we changed our name to PRAESEPE and recorded a few demos: "Pretentious Cycle" (2002), "Dance Of Eternal Madness" (2003), "B Dead - Bizzare" (2005). In 2006/2007 we finally released our debut album at 213 Studio in Bielsko-Bia³a titled "NGC 2632 v M44" (limited self production) with great help from NeWBReeD members: Stanley and Tomasz.
In July 2008 PRAESEPE recorded again at 213 Studio drums, guitars and bass tracks for a new album "Vesperae", unfortunatelly album had to wait till August 2010, when the band entered Heaven's Sound Studio to record all vocals by Grzegorz "Haar" Ptak (ex-VIM PATIOR). Final mix and mastering has been done in Heaven's Sound. PRAESEPE - "Vesperae" album has been released under Drakkar Productions - Deux Ex Machina Divison in May 2011.
The next - third album "Hybrid Creation" has been recorded in London and has been mixed & mastered in Poland by Widek ( The band is currently looking for a label and preparing for playing live in 2013.

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