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Genre Heavy
Home Town Newcastle
Country UK

Metal, Classic Metal, Thrash Metal!!! These are the defining genres at the top of Avengers myspace website Not a random stab at a description but archive of changing metal scenes the band moulded itself To and related to since their nwobhm founding two decades ago. 

During this time Avenger honed their playing skills and built up a world wide fan base enjoying rapturous receptions at festivals and concerts from the Eastern seaboard of America to the metal hungry fanatics of Europe. Avenger have just had their complete recorded work re released for the fifth time in seven years!!!! You have had to pay your dues to achieve that type of continuity. 

From the word go!! Avenger always had this mission statement!! Get out and put on as intense and as professional a show as possible so with that mission in mind we look forward to seeing you at venues world wide in the very near future.

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12/07/2014 Barrow In Furness Almost Fatal FestivalAvenger
02/03/2013 Newcastle Brofest UK day 2Amulet
01/03/2013 Newcastle Brofest UK day 1Amulet